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What is this website for?


Pictofacile, un site gratuit et accessible

Where do ARASAAC pictograms come from?

The data base of pictograms used on this site is the property of the Government of Aragon and were created by Sergio Palao for ARASAAC (https://www.arasaac.org), which distributes them under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.
For more information on their project, please visit https://www.arasaac.org.

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What is Augmentative Alternative Communication?


Un site à jour et performant

Why pictograms?


Entrez une phrase, choisissez des pictos et séléctionnez des options

Who is the site aimed at?

Speech and language therapists


For teachers


Establishments receiving the public


To the patient's environment


In which languages is the website available?

The "convert a text" application is available in 26 languages and dialects for even greater inclusiveness. At the moment, the full site is available in 4 languages. If you want to help us to develop these translations, click here.

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